The Oklahoma Reviews is a freelance music blog and photography page that covers live music, album reviews and artist biographies in Oklahoma and across the United States. The purpose of the page is to provide professional media content to musicians, bands, management of bands, and other media outlets that represent musical artists. Please join our mailing list and feel free to drop us a lead or suggestion on your favorite band in and out of the state of Oklahoma. Thanks again!  

Current contributors to the page include:

Editor, Photographer, Writer: Sean Payne


Photographer and Writer: Melissa Payne



Photographer and Writer: Lauren Brittany Bullard


Photographer and Writer: TJ Schmidt


Photographer and Writer: Kaeleigh Williamson


Columnist and Album Reviews: Randy Ruff

Columnist: Bobby Dean Orcutt

Monthly Columnist: HJ Lally

Editor and Album Reviews: Kerri McClinton

Show and Album Reviews: Jolene Horihan

Editor and Album Reviews: Stephanie Blackburn

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