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Cabin Boys Brewery

Cabin Boys Brewery

Craft beer and the art of home brewing has become a common practice all across the United States of America. The history of home brewing and distilling goes all the way back to the very first settlements of the newly founded colonies. These hundreds of years old brewing traditions is now being practiced at a very high level in a wide range of areas across the state. The city of Tulsa, Oklahoma has had a recent surge in the opening and production of craft beer breweries in the community. In the past, Oklahoma has been in the shadows or surrounding states with only a handful of breweries operating within its borders. The demand for real, quality and independently brewed beer is on the rise. With the demand for high quality products and diversity in the beer world, the supply is being met by local, independent brewers and breweries. Cabin Boys Brewery is one of those independently owned breweries that is at the top of the craft beer game in the state of Oklahoma.  

A group of men with full glasses proudly pose with their kid of beer in San Francisco, 1895.  Photo courtesy of  Underwood Archives/Getty Images

A group of men with full glasses proudly pose with their kid of beer in San Francisco, 1895.

Photo courtesy of Underwood Archives/Getty Images

If you want to talk about the history of America, or industrialization, or the rise of the technology age, really any subject that you want to explore, you can talk about it through beer. The history of beer in America goes all the way back to 1587 when the Virginia colonists were brewing ale using corn. Beer continued to flow from the old country to the colonies up until the establishment of the first known brewery. In 1612, Adrian Block and Hans Christiansen established the first known brewery in the New World. The brewery was located on the southern tip of New Amsterdam, in what is now modern-day Manhattan, NY. 

Today, beer cannot formally be discussed without bringing up the subject of immigration. More than 1 million German immigrants came to the U.S. in the second half of the 1800s. A large majority of those immigrants loved to drink beer. The Germans brought new techniques, new kinds of yeasts and different methods. These techniques continue today as the history of American beer has went in full circle. From the early days of homebrews to mass produced beer, through the crash of Prohibition and back to a resurgence of microbreweries. Cabin Boys Brewery is an example of that resurgence from home brew to brewery. 

The story of Cabin Boys Brewery began, well, with a cabin in the woods. Using lumber from the surrounding area of Catoosa, OK, Jeff McIlroy began constructing his cabin in the woods. In 2010, with the help of his son Austin, friends and family, the cabin was constructed from the ground up. The quiet escape to the woods became a place of escape and a host of many gatherings that featured social fellowship, great memories and of course, good beer. According to Cabin Boys, “This source of fellowship is what inspired our brewery’s brand and why we hold up the cabin as our icon. With the help of our friends and family we built a cabin, with the help of the community we’re building our brewery.” 

Left: Austin McIlroy Center: Ryan Arnold Right: Lisa McIlroy

Photos courtesy of Cabin Boys Brewery

The love of beer, countless batches of homebrew, and the togetherness that brought friends and family together is the foundation to the beginning of the stellar, Cabin Boys brand. Two best friends, Austin McIlroy and Ryan Arnold, began the process of brewing in grandma’s garage. The two saw the potential and realized the passion that they have for homebrewing and wanted to expand on something that they love. Austin loaded up and went to the World Brewing Academy in Chicago, IL and Munich Germany. Ryan stayed in state and finished his Bachelors in Entrepreneurship from the University of Oklahoma. While in Munich, Austin’s wife Lisa, devoted her time to designing the Cabin Boys brand and business plan. The three continued to work hard and collaborate, taking inspiration from the European beer culture. It was decided that Cabin Boys Brewery brand and product would be “crafted for the community.” 


 The branding and professionalism of Cabin Boys Brewing is unmatched by any other brewery in the state. Their brand incorporates the “community” into their passion to provide a product at the highest of standards. Cabin Boys, at the time of publication, has ten beers on tap along with a very limited special brew. Cabin Boys Brewery is located at 1717 E 7th Street, Tulsa, Ok 74104. They will be hosting their One Year Anniversary Party, Saturday, November 24, 2018. Visit the website link below for further details to the day’s activities. 


Check out the Cabin Boys website for further information and give them a follow on social media!




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