John Fell: Dr. Rocker

John Fell: Dr. Rocker

In the heart of Cherokee county, Dr. John Fell resides. He is a Family Practice physician by day, as well as a husband and father. By night, he leads a band aptly named DocFell & Co. 

Fell is equally known for his shiny bald head and boyish good looks.

I know this man quite well, sometimes too well, because June of 2009, I took his last name. I also follow him around while he switches from beloved physician by day to independent folk rocker by night. 

Fell grew up in Mayes County, born to another Dr. Tony Fell, one of the animal variety and Trudy Fell. He graduated from Pryor, then attended Northeastern State University and onto graduating Oklahoma State University Medical School. 

His life has followed an ever-winding path to ending up back in Tahlequah in 2011, in a house with six kids, a niece, six cats, six dogs and a new wife, me.

This move found him at a crossroads and with the urging of a particular pushy wife; Fell found himself at a local open mic, where you had to play original music.

This night caused a fire to erupt in John, a fire that still burns bright, for original singer songwriter music. Following that night in 2011, Fell has released three albums and currently working on number four.

Fell can be found on the weekends singing songs from the albums mentioned above and countless new ones he writes almost daily. He plays all over the state of Oklahoma and Arkansas, and recently completed a small tour in the Dallas area. 

No matter where his music leads him throughout his travels, his biggest muse and where his heart is cemented in our beautiful, majestic state of Oklahoma.

His first album, a tribute to the state “Scissortail” onto countless songs about landscapes of our beauty, Oklahoma. To not know Fell and to listen to his music, I truly believe paints a true description of him.

He loves hard and deep, he would live nowhere else, this marriage is his forever, and he loves to tell a story with a rhyme.

So, always be wary of what you share with Fell, because he will have no issues with telling your story with a song.

I truly believe John is meant to be both a physician and a musician. Heck, they even rhyme, which is a favorite of his. His words will cut you and his melody will make you smile.

So, join me and follow DocFell & Co. anywhere on a social media platform or his website. I am certain you will find a song that fits into your genre, because he cannot be labeled as any one genre. 

If you ever catch a show, go up and give him a hug, because he loves to make you feel better, whether by a physicians’ visit or through a song.

Thank you for letting me tell about my favorite man, physician and musician.

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