Dirty Honey: Live From The Granada

Dirty Honey: Live From The Granada

Dirty Honey is a Rock “n” Roll band from Los Angeles, California that features frontman Marc Labelle on vocals, John Notto on lead guitar, Justin Smolian on bass, and Corey Coverstone on the drums. While Dirty Honey is fairly new to the scene, the band is set to play a packed 2019 schedule that includes more than a dozen festivals such as Rocklahoma, Louder Than Life, and Epicenter among others. The band provided support for Slash last summer and will do so again this upcoming year, when they once again join the tour. They have also provided support for rockers, Red Sun Rising, and that is where I had the opportunity to first see them. The band also just released their debut, self-titled EP, produced by Nick Didia (Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine).

On March 22, 2019, I had the opportunity to photograph and listen to Dirty Honey at the Granada Theatre in Lawrence, Kansas. They opened for rock bands Goodbye June and Red Sun Rising. However, Dirty Honey could easily be on a headlining ticket. With their eclectic, high energy vibe and each member commanding the stage, led by the charismatic lead singer, Marc Labelle, this band is on the fast track to success with their soul and blues infused, hard rock and roll sound.

Dirty Honey played a set of all original songs that was backed by a rocking crowd that showed full attention and support to the energy up on the stage. The band provided a sound that mixed Vince Neil, Aerosmith and a little bit of AC/DC, but in a style of their own making. By the end of their set, I felt as though there was an extra cord on stage that was hooked up to my veins and infusing my soul with life. I had the opportunity to see them again the following night in Lincoln, Nebraska and by the end of that set, I felt that same infusion all over again. Marc has the ability to make you feel the emotions that fuel the lyrics. Their passion driven, relatable to me, songs have been playing nonstop on my playlist.

On March 22nd, 2019 the band released their self-titled EP, Dirty Honey. The album was produced by Nick Didia, as mentioned before, who has worked on projects for Pearl Jam and Rage Against the Machine. The EP consists of five original songs that is a creatively constructed mix of tunes that paints a vivid mental picture with each word. This production should be considered one of the best released EP’s out today in the rock world.

The official audio for "When I'm Gone" by Dirty Honey. Listen to / Download the 'Dirty Honey' EP → http://smarturl.it/DirtyHoneyEP

The first song on the album is “When I’m Gone.” This tune is a high energy, solid rock anthem, that will be fueled by some head banging when seen live. Just as the title suggests, it is a song that can cover the many different scenarios that could be about picking up everything and moving on. “Don’t miss me when I’m gone,” the song is about taking that leap out on your own and doing it on your own terms.

The official audio for "Rolling 7's" by Dirty Honey.

“Rolling 7s” is a strong song that paints a picture of rock and roll love. The song is about taking a chance because “you know all my vices.” It is about just rolling with all that life throws at you, but “when you need a little lovin,” he is the one.

The official audio for "Heartbreaker" by Dirty Honey.

Would an album be complete without a song about the heartbreaker ex? “Heartbreaker” is the third song on the EP and it address exactly that, and I feel that many can identify with this tune. It is driven by angst and emotion that can be felt by listening even if you are not seeing them live. The song suggests that a woman who says she “needs” him but instead “deceives” him in his “worried mind.” He calls her out on her actions and words, she becomes a “heartbreaker” as he realizes the truth. This song is a truthful and creatively written breakup anthem that is a definite go to when you feel the need to be angry at the one who broke your heart. 

The official audio for "Down The Road" by Dirty Honey.

The follow up to “Heartbreaker” is “Down the Road” and it is the perfect song for the layout of the EP. From the first note you can hear the soulful blues and rock infusion. The emotion driven song suggests a man who has to “let you fly” because he is “learning to stand on my own.” Another highly relatable song that tactfully says what you wanted to say but instead says “I’ll see you on down the road.” It leaves you wondering if that while he is saying this, that he is likely flipping her the bird on the way out the door. It implies that inner conflict and a woman who was “satisfied with you by my side.”

The official audio for "Scars" by Dirty Honey.

Rounding out this fantastic rock and roll EP is the song, “Scars.” “Don’t mean no harm, I never knew life was going to be so hard. Don’t be alarmed when I show my scars.” The EP finishes strong with a song eluding to say that he is interested in someone but that he is not perfect, he is who he is, take it or leave it. 

Good, new rock and roll is out there. If you are looking to expand your playlist, then go get some Dirty Honey spinning in your rotation. I highly recommend you check them out. With a band like this, the future of rock is in good hands.

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